Overall, the Lions’ Den is being organised in good faith to encourage business innovation, development and growth along with mentoring and support across the church communities in Auckland.  We are celebrating our God given talents in business and seeking to inspire and support each other in this calling through a combined church event. 

Contestants being entered, must not have been running the business for more than 3 years, and have to be either starting up a new business or launching a new product/service. It is open to all ages. The organising team reserves the right to approve or decline any applicant to the training and/or Lions’ Den Night. Participants are expected to be part of and committed to a local church.

Prizes are to be offered by the various company and individual sponsors subject to the terms and conditions set by the sponsors.  Summary terms and conditions of each prize can be viewed with the list of prizes.  Each prize is to be taken up with the company or individual sponsor subject to their respective detailed terms and conditions. The contestants and the prizes offered are private commercial transactions between the winning contestants and the sponsors.  The participating churches do not warrant or accept any responsibility in relation to the quality or delivery of the prizes.   Each prize must be collected within its collection period (which is within 12 months from the Lions’ Den Night).  The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. 

Contestants agree to be available for photos and video and for use on web and social media sites promoting the event before, during and after the Lions’ Den Night.  Any offers for funding and equity from event attendees or sponsors are to be considered personal and do not represent backing from, support by or association with any of the participating churches. 

Contestants are encouraged to enlist the support and guidance of mentors from their local church throughout the process and subsequently, whether they win the Lions’ Den or not.  During the market validation training sessions, confidentiality is expected of candidates participating in the training.

Contestants acknowledge and agree that all information they may receive (whether directly or indirectly) during this event (including on the Lions’ Den Night and any time before or after it) is confidential and they will not disclose or use any of such information in any way for any purpose at any time. All training and guidance offered during this event does not constitute Financial Advice as defined in the Financial Advisors Act 2008.